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A starlite journey focusing on mind, body and spirit related subjects with a family-friendly positive atmosphere in site. Egos are not permitted on site.
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 Earth Dwellers- Gnomes

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PostSubject: Earth Dwellers- Gnomes   Thu Oct 12, 2017 6:02 pm

Gnomes are connected to the elements consisting of fire, water, earth, and air. If gnomes wish to show you that they are there they will do so in their own way. The idea of the gnome is an earth faerie with the ability to search for hidden treasure particularly gold.

The word Gnome is said to have derived from the Latin word of Gnomus, but is more derived from the Greek word of gnosis meaning knowledge and that of hidden treasure, more rooted in the word of genomes meaning earth dweller.

Gnomes can be active particularly around active old hedges where the energy runs wild and free. They are nature based dwellers and will appear in the modern ways of perception of gnomes in the form that sits suitably right for them and which may make them more people-friendly to human kind.

To become more in touch with your gnome friends, just be clear and concise in your intention and meditate in a wild garden or a garden that’s natural. You are more likely to see them in a garden if there’s a sacred faerie tree nearby or an old active and energetic hedge. Signs of activity may show them as dancing along the edge of the hedgerow if they want to be seen. Knowledge on Sacred Faerie Trees to come in another thread.

Offerings to give the gnomes? Whatever you are comfy with offering. Crystals and Stones are often good offerings to give back to the earth, Quartz energy, most particularly, or anything that draws/catches your eye.

Gnomes also have a good sense of humor. If you are sleeping and they would prefer to be discreet, then they will be discreet and will zap you back to sleep with faerie magic. Gnomes like Dwarves are often known as Guardians. They will seek out hidden treasures, though, you would be wise not to lose their trust. They can instill confidence, replace guilt, melancholy, sadness, and can encourage endurance and stamina in will power and consistency. They are also very grounded beings being at one with Mother Earth - so a quartz crystal would be the perfect offering.
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Earth Dwellers- Gnomes
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