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A starlite journey focusing on mind, body and spirit related subjects with a family-friendly positive atmosphere in site. Egos are not permitted on site.
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 Our Group Guidelines.

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PostSubject: Our Group Guidelines.   Thu Oct 12, 2017 5:57 pm

Our group is family-friendly so all are welcome.
Respect and trust is paramount for this new study group to work.
Personal Integrity is important for this new group to work.
Egos are not welcomed here. No psychic attacks or negative intentions…spiritual warfare is NOT tolerated on our group! No public scrutiny from staff or members.
Staff and members are all the same wavelength; not to be seen as inferior or superior or indifferent nor greater than anyone else!
Knowledge shared or imparted is intuitive-based.
A tidy space is tidy mindset, this group will be swept and smudged as energetically clear to keep positive energies higher and high.

We welcome new members as well as the old members at any stages in your development whether you are newly starting out or more advanced than others, we are learning every day. We are in the same boat as the rest of you on our journey.
Please ground and shield to protect you for our peace of mind as well as your own. Not sure how to do this? Look to the other file in the list for this information.

Positive Guidelines

9. The future isn’t set in stone; its interchangeable according to your own decision.
10. Readings may only be given if the sitter themselves gives the reader permission to tune into their energy if on a psychic level of readings.
11. Readings may not be conducted if the reader uses what they know about the sitter within a reading-that is a cold reading. Readers MUST set aside their own knowledge about the sitter and work with what they don’t know to produce a genuine reading with genuine intentions.
12. Readers may NOT linger or lurk in another’s energy without permission. If someone does this it is liable to be called a psychic attack or energy invasion with dubious intention. Want to talk to someone? Use the traditional lines of communication…
13. Positive intention and positive action as always is key!

14. Healers must always ask permission to send out positive healing energy first and foremost to another recipient with their permission.
15. Healing energy must be higher vibrations and positive intention ensured to help another, not to hinder them.
Confidentiality is in place between healer and receiver unless healers feel that admin need to know, in which case, healers may ask recipient for permission to divulge sitter’s situation to admin so that they are aware.

Information for Sitter

16. Sitters may answer a reader with YES NO MAYBE TRUE OR POSSIBLE OR I DON’T KNOW (and not in caps!)
17. Sitters may choose to refuse a reading and that decision will indeed be respected by readers practicing in our group.
18. Sitters may not ask for too many readings at all at once because otherwise the messages will still be repeated or the same.
19. Sitter must absorb information given at time of reading and know that if it doesn’t click in then it may do so at a later date/time.
20. Sitter must let reader know if they are after a general or a subject reading before reading begins and also let them know if spirit do come in to visit that they are open to receiving spirit’s messages.

Comments, Complaints and Suggestions can be sent to and dealt with swiftly with the best action discreetly decided by Founder at the time.

Founder reserves the right to edit this post and change guidelines as deemed just for the journey. Please know ALL readings and healing are offered FREE of charge on our new group. Knowledge offered on our group is purely intuitive-based in relation to what post(s) are shared at the time. Membership is open to all with interest in the path connected to Spirit.
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Our Group Guidelines.
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