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A starlite journey focusing on mind, body and spirit related subjects with a family-friendly positive atmosphere in site. Egos are not permitted on site.
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 Smudging Prayer

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PostSubject: Smudging Prayer   Thu Oct 12, 2017 6:07 pm

For clearing away any negativity in your work space, life, personal space and in tools or anywhere which can sweep the old out freely. Smudging is a native American direction of clearing the old away allowing the new energies to come within and to fill the space with love & with divine light and harmony, protection, to bring in what's needed and invite the good into your lives.

Its done by positive intention and as long as the will and knowledge behind your positive intention is clear and concise then you will be cleared of old negativity and old energies that are stagnant around you which need to be cleared and moved on or transmuted into positive energy.

What you will need to complete this exercise is...

1 incense or smudge stick of your choice.
With positive intention only.
2. lighter or matches - I usually use a lighter though as its quicker.
3. You can use the prayer above or your own homemade prayer.
4. You will need visualization as well and a few quieter moments of reflection
and solitude.

Tailor what  you are going to say before trying this exercise out.
Intend and infuse your words with love and positive energies and your heart's word
always helps.

Light the incense of your choice or smudge stick, breathing away the fire not out directly, but just so it becomes smoke. To clear your aura - carefully brush the stick of incense around your body, head to foot to clear away the old energies; brush it along the outline of your aura as you would with a feather to clear away the debris of the remaining old energy.
Allow the incense to blow away the cobwebs of the past and present, allowing what needs to go, go.

While you have done this, infuse your words with love and concise positive intention consciously to say that this incense will SMUDGE with smokey energy to sweep away any old negative energy that is guiding in a negative way, or that which clears away the old doubt, distrust, unworthiness, any fear, negativity, any residue energy, or any energy that is not working for thy greater good and ask for it to leave this space entirely. Visualize or meditate for a few moments just to fill the space with love and light, and also clear positive universal energy that will assist to replenish the energy that the old has left.

Allow the incense stick to burn down to the end so as to ensure that all clearing has been completed. Know in your heart the words are just and true.  You may start to notice the changes almost indefinitely in feeling lighter in your aura and also in yourself.
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Smudging Prayer
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